Cross Channel Ferries To Europe

Dover is the UK's busiest cross-channel ferry port to France

Whether you're on foot or you're planning to take your car, motorbike or motorhome to France, there are a number of of ferry ports from where you can start your cross-channel journey.

The Port of Dover is by far one of the most popular departure points for travellers sailing to France on cross channel ferries for a host of very good reasons.

Closest ferry port to France

With just 21 miles (34 kilometres) separating Dover from Calais and with Dunkirk (Dunkerque) only a little further, the shorter channel crossings are more often than not the quickest and least expensive ways to cross the English Channel.

Of course, the great thing about a faster channel crossing means you can begin the next stage of your onward journey even sooner unless you wish to either rest up or stay awhile to enjoy the sights and sounds at your destination port.

Great road and rail links

Direct links within France and beyond are available from both Calais and Dunkirk to get you on your way in next to no time.

Links from Calais

Lying 146 miles (234 Km) to the north of France's capital, Paris, Calais is well connected to many of the main routes that serve France's interior including the A16 and A26.

Calais is also a terrific gateway to the northern coastline of France including, Normandy, Picardie and the Champagne region.

Links from Dunkirk (Dunkerque)

Dunkerque links directly to the A16 and A25 motorways in France making it convenient for cross channel ferry travellers to Belgium or Holland and also provides shorter drive times to Germany, Switzerland and further afield.

The city of Bruges in Belgium, for example, is just 39 miles (63 Km) or less than one hour's drive from Dunkirk while Brussels, Belgium's capital,  is just 87 miles (140Km).

Bruges, Belgium - via cross channel ferries

Passing through the Port

We strive to make travelling through the Port of Dover a relaxing experience for all our passengers and whether Dover is the start-point or the end-point of your journey, you can take advantage of the facilities and amenities available at our Ferry Port Passenger Services buildings designed to cater to the needs of those on the go.

Our two, modern passenger service buildings are close to the main car parks and provide almost everything you could need for your journey - from toilets and baby changing facilities to shops selling meals, snacks and drinks as well as books, travel accessories and a currency exchange.