Cross-Channel destinations from Dover to France

Each of the millions of ferry passengers crossing the English Channel from the Port of Dover to France each year have millions of reasons to do so.

Whether you're travelling on business or purely for pleasure - by car, coach or lorry - there's a convenient channel port that's well placed to suit you.

Whether you're en route to Euro Disney, you've got a meeting in Marseille or you're transporting goods to Grenoble, the Port of Dover provides a fast, easy and hassle-free way to get you on your way to France and beyond.

Cross-channel routes from Dover to France

The Channel Ports in France

Both the Channel port destinations - Calais and Dunkirk (Dunkerque), promises a terrific range of hotels, bars, restaurants and shopping as well as wine and beer outlets - no matter how long or how brief your stay there.

Dover to Calais

Channel ferry crossings from Dover to Calais allow you to do what the budget airlines can't - and that's to discover parts of northern France and Europe that are a bit closer to home.

Just twenty-odd miles from the white cliffs of Dover, there's a lot more to Calais than large supermarkets, wine emporiums and tobacco stores.

With a population of around 77,000, Calais is situated in the département of Pas-de-Calais. Once a small French fishing village, Calais was improved by the Count of Flanders in 997 AD and fortified by the Count of Boulogne in 1224. It's long been a major commercial seaport with links to the UK since the Middle Ages.

Ferry Operators:

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P&O MyFerryLink

Crossing time: Approx 90 minutes.

Calais Tourist Information Centre
Office de Tourisme Calais Côte d'Opale
12 Bd Clémenceau 62100 Calais
Tel: +33 (0)3 21 96 62 40

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Visit the website of the Calais Tourist Office.

Dover to Dunkirk (Dunkerque)

Whether it's spelt Dunkirk (English) or Dunkerque (French) both words are derived from the Flemish term 'Dune Kerk' or 'The Church of the Dunes'.

Since the war, Dunkirk rebuilt both its town and its economy and today, has grown into France’s third largest port. The "Centre Ville" has been renovated and expanded and now offers three fine museums and an annual carnival - bringing colour and a festive feel to the town.

Dunkirk is the perfect place to stop off at the start or end the of your journey with something for everyone including town centre shops. Parking shouldn't be a problem with around 1,000 free places near to the town’s two covered shopping malls.

Ferry Operators:

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DFDS Seaways

Crossing time: Under 2 hours.

Dunkirk Tourist Information Centre
Dunkerque Office de Tourisme
Rue de L'Amiral Ronarch 59140 Dunkerque
Tel: +33 (0)3 28 66 79 21

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Visit the website of the Dunkirk Tourist Office