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Dover Marina boat wash is pure genius

15 August 2011

Last month saw the installation of a brand new boat wash system at the Port of Dover’s Marina. This system is state of the art technology and is a valuable new addition to the Marina.   Using environmentally friendly filtration techniques, it allows 95% of the water utilised to be recycled and with the process preventing debris from draining back into the harbour, it reduces the amount of pollution.

With the boat suspended in the marina, it is jet-washed with water fed from a storage tank via a booster pump.  Dirty water drains through a series of settling, hydrocyclones, sand and carbon filters removing all impurities, finally passing to a large chamber from which the filtered, now clean, water is automatically delivered back to the jet wash.

Bob Goldfield, Chief Executive said:

“The new boat wash system demonstrates our commitment to providing state of the art facilities for the benefit of our marina customers whilst at the same time illustrating our continuous efforts to improve and build on our environmental performance in every aspect of the business.”