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Port of Dover Police

The Port of Dover Police is an independent police force that is entirely privately funded by the Port of Dover.


Port of Dover Police complies with all national legislation and guidance that is applicable to all police forces. Port of Dover Police officers have the same powers, protections and privileges as all other constables throughout the United Kingdom. Officers are appointed by two Justices of the Peace to "be constables within the limits the harbour, dock, pier and premises of the undertakers (Dover Harbour Board and within one mile of the same".

Our mission

Our mission is simple - "Keeping our Customers Safe". This is achieved by delivery of high quality policing services for all the Port of Dover customers and stakeholders, enabling them to conduct business or otherwise go about their business in an environment which is safe, secure and free from disorder or conflict.

Corporate Plan Objectives 2013-2015

The primary objectives for the period 2013-2015 are:

  • Steady State Patrol Plan - Daily patrolling and response;
  • Risk Management - Planning, briefing and training for emergencies;
  • 'Golden Hour' Response - Responding to critical incidents and emergencies;
  • Safety and Security - Focussing on counter terrorism;
  • Neighbourhood Policing - Responding to local community issues and concerns;

Reassuringly Visible 

A reassuring and highly visible presence is maintained by the Port of Dover Police, a 50 strong force funded entirely by the Port of Dover. In addition to fulfilling our constabulary duties the Port of Dover Police provide the following:

  • Provision of the latest threat information and counter measures through in-house specialists and a network of security contacts;
  • Regular intervention with traffic control outside the Port in order to minimise the impact of Port traffic on the local community and ensure that the Port is not starved of traffic due to congestion on the approach roads;
  • Provide the highest standards of road safety via a policy of engineering out problems, education of road users and finally enforcement – in that order;
  • Take the lead in the management of (land based) emergencies, focussing on the delivery of ‘Golden Hour’ management;
  • Intelligence led policing;
  • Service influenced by Port stakeholder needs, not national targets;
  • Marine policing capability, extending the safe and secure environment to the waterborne areas of the Port;
  • Prompt response to all requests for assistance with a target time of 5 minutes;


For further information, the Port of Dover Police can be contacted 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year, please contact:

Port of Dover Police

Floor 4

Terminal Control Building
Eastern Docks
CT16 1JA

Telephone (01304) 216084

Facsimile (01304) 241956


For personal interaction a wall mounted telephone at the entrance to the Eastern Docks is available.