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30th March 2015 - News Articles

Open Letter from Chief Executive, Port of Dover regarding Shakespeare Beach

The suggestion that Shakespeare Beach is the dirtiest beach in Kent came from a recent survey by the Marine Conservation Society conducted on one day last September. The idea that the beach is dirty purely because of wet wipes is untrue and yet another example of how we seem to be 'doing ourselves down' on a regular basis in this country.

The beach is part of the Port of Dover, part of the town of Dover and another of the assets we should all be using and preserving for everyone’s benefit. During the year there are scores of local volunteers who do environmental cleaning and beach litter collection to keep Shakespeare Beach and other local areas clean for both the Port and the community. We actively support them because they selflessly work for us all and the amount of litter collected in the September survey is in fact a reflection of just how many people were volunteering to play their part, caring for and being proud of their home town.

Without any political inference, it is true to say the economy is on the up; we know this at the Port as our freight traffic figures and passenger numbers are growing year on year. Whilst dealing with the practicalities of how we handle this, which we are doing together with our partners, we must grasp the benefits of this for us all – from the opportunities for local businesses to the wider community. We are on the verge of seeing the Port and the town of Dover come together to benefit from the work now underway on regenerating and revitalising the Port.

Most of the litter found on Shakespeare Beach is marine litter washed up from the sea.  If we want cleaner beaches and to make better use of them, more local businesses to thrive and more people to visit Dover, then we all have to work together. It’s not just the responsibility of one group or a few dedicated souls. I can categorically say that the Port is and will play its part.  So let’s pull together and talk about what we are doing to talk Dover up instead of down. We must all get behind what matters to make this community strong and prosperous.

Tim Waggott

Chief Executive, Port of Dover



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