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12th June 2014 - Press Release

Stay safe this summer

The Port wishes its community and visitors a very happy and safe summer.

The seafront is a very popular place for those wanting to enjoy the sun, the sea and the array of recreational water-based activities in the unique surroundings of Europe’s busiest ferry port with the impressive backdrop of the White Cliffs and Dover Castle.

Students are now looking forward to a well deserved rest and some fun times after their exams and families are planning to take advantage of the good weather by heading to Dover’s beach – once again in the Good Beach Guide for its excellent water quality.

We are delighted that our community want to spend their precious time enjoying our seafront facilities, so we are launching our ‘Stay safe this summer’ campaign in order that they can do just that.

As well as some annual reminders, we have been working hard to improve the seafront for our community with some projects still underway, so here is some advice on what to look out for in order to have a great time.


Since launching what was the first initiative of its kind, the Port of Dover Police (together with Dover District Community Safety Partnership) is once again bringing the dangers of “tombstoning” into local youth clubs and elsewhere through its nationally acclaimed DVD in order to deter youngsters from the risk of serious injury.  “Tombstoning” involves jumping into water from a height such as from piers, but risking serious injury through contact with submerged rocks.  It can be fatal.  The message is just don’t risk it!


The Port recently replaced and upgraded the seafront groynes with high quality rock groynes. This was done in order to both protect the beach and also create a much more visually appealing beach environment.

They are very hard structures that are designed to withstand the elements and we urge people not to climb on the groynes or jump off of them.  When parts are submerged in the sea as the tide comes in they can also become slippery as they re-emerge when the tide goes out.  They do not react favourably with people who land on them.


Part of the promenade sea wall is being repaired and Harbour House on the seafront is also being renovated in support of the wider waterfront regeneration agenda being pursued for Dover.  Both have required the erection of scaffolding.  The contractors carrying out the works are suitably kitted out with personal protective gear and are experienced with moving in such environments and working at height.

Scaffolding can cause serious injury if proper safety precautions are not followed both due to the heights involved and the dangers of the scaffolding tubes themselves.  Scaffolding is not a recreational facility and the Port of Dover Police will be regularly patrolling the seafront in order to ensure no-one is risking their own safety or the safety of others.


The Port provides a number of seafront shelters for users of the promenade.  They have seating and there is no need for anyone to climb on top of them, risking falling from height.  Our neighbourhood police team will again be providing a regular visible presence to ensure that no-one is risking their safety and to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for all.


Please remember that the beach can expose people to intense sunshine during the hot summer months.  Plenty of water and good sunscreen is strongly recommended in order that the sunshine is enjoyed and not endured.

Tim Waggott, Chief Executive, Port of Dover, said: “We all have a shared responsibility for the safety of those using the seafront.  Whilst it may seem obvious, it is worth reminding everyone of the dangers that can be posed by the sea and by building works.  We have a great place to enjoy.  Let’s all make sure we do by just reminding ourselves of how to stay safe so that we can return year after year to our valuable seafront.  Wishing our community a fantastic summer!”


Issued by Port of Dover External and Corporate Affairs on 01304 240400 (ext 4410 from 8.30 – 17.00)

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