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Filming and Events

The Port of Dover is a popular location for various events and film shoots, due to its iconic status and fantastic location overlooking the famous White Cliffs and English Channel.

Any filming or recreational event  which represents a departure from what is recognised as regular or routine activities within the port and harbour should not take place until permission from the Port of Dover has been sought and granted within the terms of the Port's Access and Use Guide.



As Europe's busiest ferry port and one of the UK's busiest cruise ports, the Port of Dover is an exciting and iconic location for film and location shoots.

Filming and photography at the Port is classed as either commercial or corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Commercial filming and photography:


Drone Filming

Commercial drone filming from Port of Dover property, including Dover Beach, is prohibited without written prior permission from Dover Harbour Board. All commercial requests are considered on a case by case basis and the supply of CAA permission, pilot accreditation, flight plan, risk assessment and public liability insurance (no less than £5 million). Public drones are not permitted on any Port of Dover property.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) filming and photography:


A location fee and potentially staff costs will apply for commercial filming and photography.



With the White Cliffs iconic status, Port of Dover's award-winning seafront promenade and Dover Harbour's fantastic geographical position, the Port can prove to be a fantastic location to stage events.

Dover’s award-winning seafront and historic harbour are a prime location for major local events and celebrations.  As land owner, the Port has been determined for the community to have events to enjoy that celebrate Dover’s maritime heritage and bring the community together.

In approving any event, the Port of Dover needs to be satisfied that any risk to the general public, the safety of navigation, or other port users has been effectively mitigated. The Port of Dover will also require evidence that the event organiser has consulted with, and has met the requirements of, the Police, the MCA (Coastguard), the RNLI, local emergency services, and local authority where appropriate. Also, if applicable, the event should be conducted in accordance with the guidance provided by, and with the approval of, the national bodies representing the types, or classes of any craft  participating in the event. Any requirement for additional harbour authority resources – whether additional navigational marks, craft to patrol, control or escort the event, or any emergency or SAR response resources - would normally be at the expense of the request organiser. The same would normally apply to any public safety or emergency provision considered by the police or other emergency services.


Approval the steps...

Being a live operational location, filming and events at the Port can provide operational and security challenges, which means that while we aim to be as accommodating as possible sometimes we are unable to facilitate your request for these reasons.

All filming and photography requests are considered on a case by case basis and require an official permit. Generally, a request must be made at least FIVE working days prior to the date you wish to film or take photographs. Events may require more considerable notice, depending on the scale and location of the event. Risk assessment templates and information on how to complete them can be found at

Formal approval to such requests can then be made subject to a proper risk assessment conducted by organiser and valid public liability insurance. Where a request occurs regularly, the scope of subsequent risk assessments may be adjusted accordingly.

All requests for filming or recreational events should be made to the Corporate Affairs team,
contact Tel: +44 (0) 1304 240 400 Ext. 4410 or Email:


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