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To find out more information about the wealth of experience available to you and to discuss how the Port of Dover can assist you in meeting and hopefully exceeding your requirements, please contact Business Development for further information:

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The Port of Dover represents Europe’s busiest ferry port, a vital international gateway for the movement of passengers and trade. It is also an award-winning cruise port, the second busiest in the UK and hosting some of the world’s most prestigious cruise lines. Together with a range of other successful businesses including a cargo terminal, a top award-winning marina and several niche activities, the business mix is diverse.

The Port of Dover is a robust, dynamic and profitable business, operating and developing state-of-the-art facilities, able to withstand global economic pressures and managed by a team acknowledged to be among the best and most experienced in the world.

The Ports experience is reflected in the comprehensive consultancy service on offer to our partner ports in Europe, Asia and around the world.


Our Approach

Our approach is different to other organisations that offer consultancy services. Consultancy is not our main business. We are a port operator and our main business is and will remain port management and operations.

We know from direct experience what the challenges of port management are. We understand the constraints that port managers are under and the pressures placed upon the business by the requirements of good governance and compliance. It is precisely because we are primarily a port owner and operator that we can offer a different perspective on the role of consultancy and can offer a cost effective and highly focused set of services to other port owners and operators with the client firmly in mind.


First–hand experience


A Robust and tailored approach


A partnership approach


Value for money

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