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World-class cruise operations

Dover is a major European cruise port operating both turnaround and port of call itineraries with some of the most famous and prestigious cruise operators in the world. Port of Dover has favourable access from the main shipping lanes in the Dover Straits which makes it the preferred port of departure for European and Baltic cruises originating in the UK. Dover is also a popular port of call in the UK, offering excellent access to London and other major tourist attractions.

We built our cruise business from scratch, growing it in 15 years to be an internationally recognised major cruise hub port in Europe and the second largest cruise port in the UK. This success was achieved by working with the major cruise companies in the world to deliver what they wanted in terms of infrastructure, efficiency and safety of operations.

Along the way we have developed an industry-wide recognisable brand and we are well placed to develop a marketing and sales strategy for clients by helping to build strong and effective partnerships with cruise company itinerary planners.


We can help in all areas of activity, including


From our own experience we have recognised that strong branding and relationship building are essential in such a competitive market and by using our excellent relationships gained over years of negotiating with top executives, we are able to provide:


The Port of Dover is also an excellent example of a successful and award-winning destination partnership, because:


Dover is recognised by our cruise customers as providing first-class customer service, and we can draw from the voice of the customer experience and from board-level relationships with the major cruise operators to develop services and facilities that match the expectations of the industry in the 21st century.

Building our close relationship with the world’s major cruise companies and delivering the best possible service to our cruise customers is something of which we are proud. Why not tap in to the secret of our success?

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