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World Leading Master Planning

The Port of Dover was the first UK port to undertake a comprehensive 30-year master planning process. This resulted in a development plan that aims to deliver the Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR).

DWDR was unopposed when the UK Government gave formal approval for the scheme which, for a development of this scale, is an indication of the exceptional lengths taken to consult and engage with our wide range of customers and stakeholders

It is also a demonstration of the incredible detail of the work undertaken on a wide range of topics. Ultimately, it illustrates our commitment to get things right.


We have developed a master planning process considered within the UK as an exemplar in the industry. The process includes:


Master planning is also about:

The Port of Dover has faced all of these challenges and has developed a deep understanding of how to make master planning relevant, deliverable and financially robust in achieving a clear vision for future development. Master planning is the key to future efficiency, to competitiveness and to the profitable expansion of the business.

We know master planning - in the UK we have pioneered it. We understand what needs to be done to get a practical, affordable and deliverable plan to which your stakeholders can sign up. Let us take you on the journey from now to where you need to be.

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