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Employees & the Workplace

Employees and the workplace

Port of Dover’s employees are its most valuable asset.

Reflecting the commitment, drive, enthusiasm and care of a strong, dynamic and professional team at the Port of Dover and following its long association with Investors in People (IiP), the Port of Dover is the proud bearer of the prestigious Bronze level award for its business culture and practice.



Recognising and respecting the rights of staff is a fundamental part of the Port of Dover’s work ethics. The Port aims to ensure that its staff are not subjected to any employment practices which could infringe or diminish their fundamental human rights. The Port of Dover promotes a culture of anti-discrimination and equal opportunities, free from bullying, recognising professional skills and qualifications and where every person feels responsible for the performance and reputation of the company.

Apprenticeships, Work Placements and Bursary Scheme

The Port of Dover operates a comprehensive apprenticeship scheme.  Providing opportunities in electrical, mechanical, plumbing and construction through to ICT, customer service, marketing and business and administration disciplines, the scheme reflects the diverse nature of the business and the skills required.  The Port also offers additional work placement and work experience opportunities in partnership with national charities such as the UK Sailing Association and Prince’s Trust.

The Port offers a bursary for students living in and around Dover.  The aim of the scheme is to encourage local students to take up study at University in a port-related field with a long term view of them gaining employment at the Port.  Such courses range from degrees in economics and business management through to civil engineering, mechanical engineering, marine technology and marine engineering.



Ensuring that fair and equitable policies are in place is vital in enhancing the working environment for all employees.

The Port has developed a behaviour framework focused on clear and concise communication, outstanding customer service, continuous self improvement, supporting colleagues, contributing to commercial success and leadership that inspires staff to give their best.

The Framework is based on the following six themes:

       Communicating clearly and concisely so the Port's message is understood.

       Providing outstanding customer service to all internal and external customers in line with business needs.

       Continuously seeking to improve performance.

       Supporting colleagues to achieve business excellence.

       Taking pride in contributing in the commercial success and reputation of the business.

       Inspiring staff to give their best to achieve their potential and the Port's business objectives.



Outstanding individual contributions are recognised through the Meritorious Service (MSA) Award and the Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award.


Training and Development

The Port of Dover is committed to building a team of professional, experienced and dedicated personnel, working effectively for the benefit of the Port and its customers. The Port invests in its employees' training and development, building their capabilities and skills to meet the business objectives and to support succession planning within the organisation.

The Port of Dover employs a dedicated training and development team with many training and development opportunities being provided at all levels of the organisation.  The Port has also been granted approval by Oxford, Cambridge and RSA, the Chartered Institute of Environment and the Health Assessment Centre to deliver the following qualifications:


Commitment to Training Potential future employees

As well as providing apprenticeships and a bursary scheme, the Port of Dover supports local students during the year by providing them with work experience. Such support will continue in the coming years.

The Port of Dover also participates in local and regional skills events, such as the 'The Big Bang Near Me' Skillsfest. This enables the Port to provide support and advice to young people preparing for the world of work and showcase opportunities within East Kent.


Training to enhance the port's emergency response

As well as training provided to maintain and improve ‘business as usual’, Tactical Emergency Planning and Strategic Emergency Management training is provided for all ‘On-call’ teams, people who may be called to deliver a range of responses in the event of a declared ‘Emergency’ or ‘Critical Incident’ at the Port of Dover.

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