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If you would like to contact us regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), please contact the Corporate Affairs team:

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The Port of Dover recognises the impact that the Port has on the local community (good and bad) and is committed to a full and engaged relationship with its community, consistent with the restrictions placed upon it by trust port status.



Through its dedicated community policing and crime prevention remit, the Port of Dover Police Neighbourhood Policing Unit (NPU) works with and for the community on a variety of initiatives to reduce crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour. 



Annual Consultative Meeting (ACM)

An advertised public meeting, the ACM provides access to non-executive Board members, the management team and many of the customer and community partners with which the Port works.

Port & Community Forum (PCF)

The independently chaired Port and Community Forum (PCF) is the way in which the Port, together with its community, collectively commits to its priorities for action in support of local regeneration and works to achieve something which is both tangible and transformational.  In addition to community organisations, two local independent representative members of the public are appointed following public advertisement to purely represent the community’s interests.  This is a key element of the PCF.

Meeting 8 February 2018

The PCF:

Received a presentation by Kent Community Fund representatives on the Port of Dover Community Fund, including its recent beneficiaries. The importance of the Port of Dover Community Find was stressed, and PCF members were encouraged to share information about the fund and to encourage bids from local groups.

Received an update on the progress of the Dover Western Docks Revival Project. The local economic significance of the project was discussed, and members were asked for feedback on whether the positive messages from the project were being effectively communicated to stakeholders. Members advised that greater visual communications, such as drawings, would be useful in understanding the project. A presentation was delivered on heritage matters, and the PCF were informed that heritage information generated from the project would be published in due course. The PCF were notified of progress on the ongoing Goodwin Sands marine licence application. Port management remain hopeful of a positive licence determination.

Held a discussion on the public realm, including the Port’s waterfront development and wider town developments. The PCF noted the exciting developments throughout Dover, including the focus on creating public space within the DWDR works.

Received an update on the Port of Dover Masterplan, Brexit developments and the record freight volumes passing through the Port during 2017. The forum was asked for feedback on the recent White Cliffs Christmas event in order to enhance it going forward.

Considered and approved the revised terms of reference for the forum, including approving an adjustment to three meetings per year (rather than four).

Appointed Mick Tedder and Phil Allcock to the roles of Community Representatives, and Derek Leach and Mick Tedder to the roles of Chair and Vice Chair respectively.

Meeting 21 June 2018

The PCF:

Received an overview of general developments within the Port of Dover, including its financial position, as explained within the latest annual report and accounts. The PCF was notified of the latest developments in master planning, and was encouraged to respond to an upcoming consultation on this matter. The PCF held a discussion over Brexit, and its potential impacts on the Port of Dover and other local businesses.

Received a further update on the progress of construction of the DWDR project, and posed questions regarding public access and the benefits of the project. The PCF was provided with an overview of recent archaeological findings during the development, including discovery of a possible 16th century pier.

A discussion was held over upcoming summer events at the Port of Dover, including the Port of Dover Regatta, before delivery of an update on the latest contribution of £100,000 from the Port of Dover Community Fund.

Meeting 5 December 2017

The PCF:

Received an update on the Port of Dover Masterplan and Brexit developments affecting the Port. Members discussed traffic growth and the need for improvements to the local road network, and noted the importance to both Dover and Calais of getting the right Brexit deal. Members were informed of the Port hosting a meeting of the House of Commons Brexit Select Committee, and of a visit by the chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Received a presentation on the progress of the Dover Western Docks Revival works, which included completion of the marina curve piling and over 80% of the new marina piling, and commencement of land reclamation. The local benefits of the project were discussed, including sourcing 42% of the workforce from East Kent. Members were also updated on the archaeology and heritage elements of the works, including the discovery of interesting finds such as a pair of mammoth’s teeth.

Were notified of the upcoming expiry of the role of Chair, and were encouraged to self-nominate in advance of a vote at the next meeting for both this role and the role of Vice Chair. The Chairman also advised that the roles of Community Representatives were due for re-election.

Meeting 5 September 2017

The PCF:

Received a report on Dover Western Docks progress which included drone footage of the DWDR works and was informed that progress is generally on schedule, with 60% of the piling completed. Work on the refrigerated cargo terminal is expected to start in Q1 2018.

Received a presentation on the current position in respect of the marine licence application to dredge the Goodwin Sands, which is subject to a third representation period on further information submitted to the Marine Management organisation, including alternative sites, socio-economic value and heritage.

Received a presentation on the heritage aspects of the works and the Port’s approach to the sensitive protection of Dover’s heritage. . As part of the project a heritage steering group (HSG) has been established to oversee heritage issues. A number of Victorian basements have been uncovered during the construction of the navigational channel. Of particular interest 16th century timbers have been found which could have been formations of the original Great Pent. A 19th century seawall has also been uncovered. The HSG has been involved at each stage.

A general update on Port matters was provided, including a report on the “Summer Getaway”, Highways England progress with the permanent solution to the A20 traffic assessment project (TAP), Regatta, Masterplanning and Brexit.

The PCF meet quarterly, the dates for 2018 are as follows;


As part of the quarterly Port and Community Forum, we offer members of the community the opportunity to attend as observers by registering online. As space is limited, this is on a first come first served basis. Please register by emailing communications@doverport.co.uk with words ‘PCF attendance registration’ in the subject of your email. 

Port Users Group (PUG)

The Port Users Group (PUG), also independently chaired, provides a valuable platform for port users to debate issues of mutual interest and to engage with the Port on what really matters to them as customers. 

Meeting 31 October 2017

The PUG:

Received a report on the updated General Directions for the Port of Dover, which included incorporation of comments from PUG members. The group was advised that the new direction will be effective from 1 January 2018, and will be reviewed again at the end of 2018.

Received an update on the Port Masterplan, and was encouraged to input into the masterplanning process. The group provided comments for consideration by Port management.

Received an update on recent developments and trends, including matters around traffic, security, Brexit and the Dover Western Docks Revival.

The PUG meet quarterly, the dates for 2018 are as follows


Meetings and Presentations
The Port of Dover attends and present at various other ad-hoc meetings in order to provide additional opportunities for discussion or to explain more about the role of the Port as a major international gateway and also its role and contribution within the local community.

These generally include meetings with government agencies, economic and enterprise partnerships, local authorities, universities, primary and secondary schools, heritage organisations, cultural bodies, tourism organisations, charitable organisations, trade associations, business groups, industry bodies, partner ports, TV and film companies, faith groups and local interest groups.  This illustrates the broad range of interests in the Port and the range of organisations with which the Port regularly and positively engages


The Port of Dover Ensures that staff are fully informed about organisational policies, practices and developments. It encourages them to share suggestions and play an active role in the furtherance of the business. Dialogue is conducted through recognised staff groups, associations and representative bodies.

Employee relations are supported by the Port of Dover Staff Association (PoDSA), Unite the union and the Police Federation Committee.

The Port maintains a variety of communication channels including joint consultative committees, Chief Executive seminars, a Chief Executive’s newsletter and an intranet site (including a staff forum).


Consulting on major plans

Extensive stakeholder consultation processes are employed for any major plans, allowing numerous and meaningful ways for stakeholders to engage with the organisation.

Consultation has been continuing on the  Traffic Management Improvement (TMI) project and  Dover Western Docks Revival.

“Delivering major port development that protects long term port capacity but delivers jobs and opportunities now whilst creating a catalyst for major regeneration will be a significant boost to the region and shows real commitment to Dover.”
[Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader, Dover District Council]



Working in partnership

The Port of Dover recognises that its role and influence extends beyond the Port of Dover itself in terms of working with others to pursue common issues and joint initatives.

The Port is a member of (among others):


The Port supports its customers and community by speaking for Dover on issues that affect it. 

Recently this has included:

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