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A-Z of Dover Ferry Terminal




Arrivals into Dover

On leaving the ferry, after its arrival in Dover, follow the exit signs. 

The exit route will lead you through UK Border Force (UKBA) controls where your vehicle may be subject to random inspection. On clearing UK Border Force controls, please follow signs for the exit for either the A20 to London or A2 to Canterbury.


Border Control

If you are driving straight to the Port for a crossing, then follow the signs for Check-in and Tickets. Take note of the signs above the lanes after Check-In and Tickets to get into the right lane depending on whether you are in a car, coach or lorry.

The first stop you will come to will be French frontier controls. Simply hand over your passport or other travel documents, the same as you would at an airport. You will then move forward to the next booth which is UK passport control and again hand over your travel documents. For more information on Border Force controls..


Foot Passengers

If you are travelling as a foot passenger, once you have checked-in at the Passenger Terminal, you will need to board the awaiting Port Bus Service outside, taking you into the Port to await boarding.


Lost Propoerty

The Lost & Found Property Office is located at Harbour House Reception. To check for found property or to report a loss call +44 (0) 1304 245 392 (Open 8:30-17:00 Monday to Thursday and 08:30 to 16:00 om Fridays except Bank Holidays) or Email property.office@doverport.co.uk.

There will be a small handling fee for the return of lost items.


passport requirements

If you are a British subject, you need a full, valid 10-year passport to enter either country. Application forms are available at main Post Office counters. If you're not a British subject, you need to check your own visa requirements before you travel.



Since April 2000, pet owners have been permitted to travel onboard ferries with their pets, providing certain requirements are met. More precise details can be found at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).


Security checks

As a condition of entering the restricted area you may be required to submit yourself, your baggage and your vehicle to a security search.

  Failure to comply with these regulations could result in a refusal to enter the restricted area for onward travel.


There is a taxi rank directly outside the Passenger Terminal where passengers arriving from the Continent can hire a cab to the railway station or elsewhere.


UK Border Control Allowances

Once you have been cleared from Border Control, the barrier will be lifted and you may drive on. As you continue to head into the Port, some motorists (but not all) will be asked to pull into the search building, where your vehicle may be searched. This is a standard procedure and agents are just checking for any contraband.

  There are allowances for products such as alcohol and tobacco. For more information and guides to what duty free allowances you are allowed to travel with, take a look at the Customs marker below.

The guidance levels for one person are:


Waiting to Board

Lanes are clearly signposted both overhead and written on the road. Once you have found your designated lane, drive into it, parking behind the car in front. Wait here until you're ready to board the ship. You may also wish to make use of one of the Passenger Service Buildings for refreshments, toilets and other services.

You may begin boarding the ship when your lane is called forward. Simply drive up the ramp as directed and onto the ship, parking behind the vehicle in front. You may then leave your vehicle and locate the nearest exit, where a staircase will take you up to the passenger decks. Please make a note of the colour and number of the exit you leave through, as this will help when trying to locate your vehicle.

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