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Port of Dover  Access & use

Dover Harbour Board (DHB) owns and controls a significant area of land in Dover, principally the Eastern Docks, the Seafront/Promenade, Dover Marina, the Cruise Terminals, Western Docks and Port Zone.

While some of these areas are freely accessible by members of the public, DHB exercises ultimate control over all uses of its land.  This is reinforced under DHB’s byelaws, whereby no person is entitled to enter in or remain on DHB premises unless he has lawful business or has received permission to do so.  Furthermore, as a responsible landowner, DHB is committed to ensuring that anything done on its premises is undertaken in a professional and safe manner. 

DHB aims to minimise and control the risks so that the Port of Dover remains a safe place for all.  To this end, DHB applies health and safety regulations and sets its own standards and procedures to apply specifically to the use of its land. 

DHB’s principal sites are the operational areas of the Eastern and Western Docks (together, the Port of Dover), where DHB oversees the throughput of around 13 million passengers and five million vehicles each year (over two million of which are lorries/HGVs, in connection with its roll-on roll-off ferry operation), as well as other major shipping activities such as general cargo, cruising and a marina.  Given the volume of traffic and visitors, the Port of Dover is an extremely busy area with a variety of port operations that may potentially cause hazards. 


DHB has therefore produced several guidance documents, below, which provides details of the type of access application you need to make, the purpose of which is to draw attention to the key issues for consideration when using or working on DHB premises. 

These guidance documents are applicable to anyone undertaking work on DHB Premises, except for contractors appointed by DHB to undertake works on behalf of DHB. Depending on the nature of the works, a licence may also need to be granted by the Board.

2022 Access & Use Charges* are as follows:

 Access & Use 2022 changes

* Charges are reviewed annually and are quoted excluding VAT, which will be added at the prevailing rate. Charges must be paid in full as invoiced.

To see the video regarding the changes that took effect on 1st January 2022 click here

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please contact the Access & Use Technical Clerk at access.use@doverport.co.uk

The Port of Dover:  Harbour House, Marine Parade, Dover, CT17 9BU

Download Port of Dover's Work Request and Permit RAMS Guidance Access & Use Application Form Asset Change Control Work Requests - Permit to Undertake Work (PTUW) Guidance and Access & Use Process

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