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Irregular Occurrence Reporting

The Port of Dover is committed to providing the best services within a safe environment for its staff, all those who work within the Port community and the customers that travel through its premises.

 If you see or experience anything that you feel is unsafe, dangerous or in breach of legislation, procedure or policy, please report it here by completing the form below. You do not need to add your contact details if you wish to remain anonymous.

Please tick the appropriate box below, or the box that best relates to the occurrence witnessed:


Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated as it allows us to improve for the benefit of our customers and community.

Your comments have been passed onto the relevant department for consideration.

An incident whereby if the circumstances were slightly different there is a high possibility that an accident could have been caused / a potential for a breach of security.

An incident which may result in damage to the environment

An incident which has resulted in the non-fulfilment of a service or a failure in procedures to deal with a customer service.

Please detail as much information as possible, indicating where the occurrence took place, what took place and any other information that may help our investigation.

If you wish for us to respond with an update regarding the action we have taken, please enter your contact details below for your preferred method of communication.

Contact Details

Once you are happy with the information provided, please press submit.

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