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Chief EXEcutive's Newsletter - june 2016


Welcome to my latest newsletter. Much has happened since I last wrote and so I wanted to reflect on the progress made in a number of key areas towards developing our growing, vibrant and commercially focused business and the contribution it makes to our community and the economic interests of the nation.

That contribution is what challenges us, but also what excites us. It is creating an exciting future here in Dover with exciting prospects for the Port, our customers and the community from which we want to attract future employees who have been excited by these challenges and opportunities.


Some current employees who have risen to the challenge, recognised with the Port of Dover's GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Awards.

To find out more about the Port of Dover's GEMs please see our Corporate Social Responsibility Report



Resilient operational excellence

The summer of 2015 saw the integrity of the Dover Straits corridor tested by an unprecedented and prolonged period of disruption in France. The loss of MyFerryLink, resultant industrial action and on-going disruption due to migrant incursions around Calais tested public and private sector resolve.

I am incredibly proud that the Port of Dover stayed open for business throughout the whole summer. Alongside the operational responses of DFDS Seaways and P&O Ferries and close cooperation with partner agencies, the Port showed how resilient Dover can be.

Beyond the disruption, the Port worked with Highways England and Kent Police on the introduction of the Dover Traffic Assessment Project (TAP) on the A20 outside of Dover. Now used over 170 times, TAP has been highly successful in regulating the flow of record volumes of port-bound freight traffic and reducing the impact of freight traffic queues through the town.



Economic importance – international trade corridor – “did you know?”

The success of the Port of Dover is intrinsically linked to the well-being of the UK economy.

A recent independent economic impact assessment by leading economic consultancy Oxera has shown that the Port of Dover handles up to £119 billion of trade. That’s up to 17% of the UK’s trade in goods!

Oxera - Port of Dover

The Port of Dover handled a record 2.5 million freight vehicles in 2015 despite last year’s summer of Operation Stack; a 30% increase in just three years.


Together with the Channel Tunnel, the Port is the equivalent of the third busiest UK airport behind only Heathrow and Gatwick.

…and we do it all here in Dover.



Delivering port development – fulfilling joint community and corporate objectives

As part of an £85 million capital investment programme, we have completed our Traffic Management Improvement (TMI) project. We have delivered 4km of additional freight holding capacity to help keep traffic moving, enhance operational flexibility and reduce congestion on the external road network. TMI has also provided dynamic capacity for tourist traffic during peak holiday periods and through the challenges of increased border security levels following attacks in Paris and more recently in Brussels. So far, this additional capacity has been utilised for over 800 hours, equivalent to over 33 days of use, showing the value of TMI. Such has been its success that it recently formed the centrepiece for the Port becoming the first maritime partner of Government’s Exporting is Great campaign, supporting UK businesses in exporting to the world.

“The UK is a great trading nation and the Port of Dover’s new facility will provide even more opportunity for British businesses to sell their goods overseas. Up to 17 per cent of the UK’s trade passes through the Port, as UK companies explore new markets in Europe. It’s great to see partners like this working with the Government – through the Exporting is GREAT campaign – to support our businesses and boost exports.” Lord Price, Trade and Investment Minister

Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) is the single biggest investment that the Port has ever made. To help deliver this, the Port has been working closely with the European Commission, supported by the Department for Transport, to make the case for EU funding. In 2015, reflecting the importance that the Commission now places on the Port of Dover, and DWDR, we secured a €43.5m grant through its Motorways of the Sea funding stream. More recently, we have received further support from RBS as banks recognise the positive impact DWDR will have on the local community as well as global trade.

“It’s fantastic to be able to support a development that will have such a positive impact for the local community and build’s Britain’s maritime heritage and trade globally.” John Redfern, Head of Corporate South East, RBS

Thank you to all those who visited our recent public exhibition. The excitement surrounding DWDR is palpable and, alongside our work to secure the necessary funding, we have been progressing A20 junction improvements, completing pier utilities decommissioning, installing a generator for navigation equipment, removing and storing heritage items before focusing on pier height reduction works as we move forward on our flagship development.

"I am delighted the Motorways of the Seas project is contributing towards the regeneration of Dover Western Docks. I think it will bring about a new chance for Dover and also enable the port to go into the next decade confident that business will grow and that it will keep on being the success story it has been so far. And I am happy that we are contributing and being a part of that success story.” Brian Simpson, European Coordinator, Motorways of the Sea, European Commission

Check out how we are Delivering the Vision



Best in class – national and international expertise

A key area for the Port is environmental performance and we strive to improve this through pro-active management, sustainable operations and good practice.

Last year our carbon footprint reduced by 5.9% and we achieved 100% landfill avoidance for general waste. There is a high level of biodiversity in the harbour and Dover beach has achieved good water quality in line with the Good Beach Guide despite new tougher standards.          

The Port has been successfully audited by the British Standards Institute on its internationally recognised ISO14001 environmental management system, demonstrating continual improvement in environmental performance.

We have been a partner of the international Pro-Tide project looking to advance knowledge in the field of tidal energy and hosted a major conference in Dover to explore tidal energy systems.




Catalyst for regeneration

Together with the shared future that Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) will deliver through a vibrant new waterfront and quality employment opportunities for local people, the Port of Dover Community Fund has been making an impact at the heart of the community.

The Port has already committed an initial £250,000 with a further £150,000 subsequently added. Managed by the Kent Community Foundation, the Fund is now supporting 23 local projects covering a wide range of important themes including youth support, crime prevention, health, maritime skills, the Arts and sport. 

Alongside the community fund, we are also sponsoring the Heart of the Community Awards in Dover for the second year running. Following the success of last year’s inaugural event, which saw over 60 community groups entering, this is another fantastic way of recognising and supporting the wonderful community groups that make Dover a place that cares about its community and its future.

To apply for the Port of Dover Community Fund or find out more, click here >>



Creating a destination

Whilst Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) will help create a destination of the future, our flagship events are helping to create a destination of today.

The Port of Dover Community Regatta returns on Saturday 23rd July. Celebrating its fourth year, the free family event has joined forces with the Dover Music Festival to launch The Dover Festival 2016, providing a whole weekend of entertainment. Dover Music Festival is being hosted in our historic former Dover Marine Railway Station, now home to Cruise Terminal 1, on 23rd and 24th July.

We are also working on ideas for different uses of Cruise Terminal 1, in addition to its continuing role as a cruise terminal, to deliver a new destination that focuses on a range of potential uses such as street markets, Christmas events, sporting and music events in a unique space. Ultimately, we are looking to create a better connection between the station building and the new waterfront in order to bring this part of the Port closer to the town. In this regard, we continue to work with Dover District Council on exploring overall connectivity through joint research of a supportive future planning and regeneration environment.

More information about the Dover Music Festival can be found here: www.dovermusicfestival.co.uk and about the Regatta here: Port of Dover Community Regatta

Further event details are to be announced in due course but in the meantime if you are interested in having a stall during the day, please email Alyson Hudson at PODCommunityRegatta@doverport.co.uk or visit our Facebook page.



Upskilling the local workforce

The Port has celebrated 10 years as lead sponsor for the business education charity, Young Enterprise, in Dover district. Nurturing young local people so that it is Dover’s home-grown stars of the future who in turn help the Port meet its commitment to be the best in the world, reflects the long-term commitment we have to our community and its success.


 To apply for a position with the Port of Dover or find out more; Port of Dover Apprenticeships and Bursary Scheme and Port of Dover Job Vacancies



transformation complete

Over three years ago we started out on a journey to transform the Port of Dover. Together with the then Ports and Shipping Minister, Stephen Hammond, we agreed a roadmap.

…and this is what our Secretary of State now thinks about the Port:

  “The Port of Dover is an essential part of our national transport infrastructure and a vital economic link with the continent. It is also a success story for the local area. The Port does an excellent job in keeping freight and passengers moving,” Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, Secretary of State for Transport                           

My thanks to all who are working so positively with us as the Port continues to deliver for Dover and the nation through its commitment to be the best port in the world for the benefit of its customers and community.

Tim Waggott, Chief Executive, Port of Dover






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